Accountability Improves Outcomes

It is a simple fact. Whether it is a boss, a partner, some silly app, or a crazy doctor, we do the right thing more consistently when we have someone or something holding us accountable. I beat this drum relentlessly with my patients that want to get healthier--particularly individuals who want to lose weight. In my experience, when patients take the time to consistently keep a detailed log of what they eat, they are about four times as likely to lose weight and keep it off. If a patient is "too busy" or "can't remember" to keep a food log, he or she is not committing to the process. Anyone CAN do it, but many of us simply won't. Believe me, I get it. It is inconvenient. It is tedious. It is boring. How badly do you want to feel great in your body and strong and energized? I love this article for its simple, no nonsense message of Rachel's weight loss!