What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is an innovative new way for patients to get one-on-one access to their doctors.   Concierge doctors limit their practices to a smaller number of patients, thus ensuring increased care and enhanced services.   To limit the number of patients, concierge practices charge an annual or monthly fee.

What is included in membership to Balda Health?

Membership includes an annual executive-level physical. Dr. Laura Balda will spend between 2 and 4 hours getting to know you, reviewing all of your history and performing a comprehensive physical exam. 

As a patient of Laura’s, you will have unlimited access to her by phone and email. Appointments are usually available the same day and you are able to have as much time as needed during your appointments. Dr. Balda will coordinate your care with any specialists that you see and she will spend time helping you to understand the full picture of your health and medical care. 

How many patients does Dr. Balda have?

Dr. Balda is currently at capacity and accepting patients by referral only.

How is Dr. Balda’s practice different from other concierge practices?

As a solo practitioner, Laura takes care of every patient herself. She is approachable and personable but keeps her patients privacy as an absolute priority. When you need to speak to someone on the phone, you speak directly with her. Laura’s patients all have her cell phone number and many of them get to know her personally as well. Laura lives on Palm Beach with her three children and is happy to have many of her neighbors as patients and friends.

Do you make house calls?

Dr. Balda will make house calls on the Island of Palm Beach and in other areas when possible. Additional fees will apply for care provided outside of the office.

Will Dr. Balda see me if I am in the hospital?

Dr. Balda is a member of the medical staff at Good Samaritan Hospital and Jupiter Medical Center. If you are hospitalized, she will communicate directly with all physicians and specialists involved in your care. Dr. Balda will come to the hospital directly whenever possible.

Do you take 

Our office is an out of network provider. We collect all fees at the time of service and then file your insurance claims for you. Most patients receive reimbursement for a significant portion of their out of pocket costs. Lab services will be billed to your insurance directly by the laboratory.