More than a doctor/patient relationship,
a round-the-clock partnership.

As a member of Balda Health, you can feel confident knowing Dr. Balda is completely invested in you and will always be accessible to guide you on your individual path to optimal health.


A Different Approach

Personalized, Patient-Focused

When you become a Dr. Balda patient, you also become her priority. She takes the time to completely understand you and your goals, and considers every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

Unhurried Experience

During an appointment, Dr. Balda keeps a careful watch on your health, not the clock. She’s devoted to giving you the comprehensive care you need, regardless of how long it takes. Your annual physical is between two and three hours in length and average appointments give you 30 to 60 minutes with Dr. Balda.

Not Reactive

Dr. Balda treats what is needed now, but she also works with you to create a preventative wellness plan to try to optimize your health for the long-term. Many chronic medications can be reduced or discontinued if lifestyle changes are made. Dr. Balda works with her patients to plan lifestyle changes and identify ways to implement and maintain those changes. 

Always “On Call”

Dr. Balda is accessible for your health concerns day and night. Membership gives you unlimited access to Dr. Balda by cell phone and email. Appointments are available same day or next day and she even makes house calls when necessary.